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Maintain a sustainable food future from farm to fork


Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage


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Built for the Food and Beverage industry

Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage offers the tools to accelerate food and beverage manufacturers' global supply chains, help bring new products to market faster, and implement efficiencies across the board.

Within a reliable and secure infrastructure, the platform offers proven food and beverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities across all major segments of the industry, including bakery, beverage, dairy, meat and poultry, prepared and chilled, and food ingredients.

Financial management
Increase your financial insight with complete visibility and compliance across your business, whether you are a global business with dozens of sites, or you operate in a single country or region with one site.

Make intelligent purchasing decisions with access to a demand dashboard that has all the information you need right at your fingertips, including color-coded notifications for problems and exceptions. You will be able to plan for seasonal supply, manage the purchase of both stock and non-stock products, special, and rush orders.

Warehouse management
Get the capabilities you need to automate common processes in the warehouse and on the production floor, ranging from goods receiving, pick & pack, dispatch, inventory transfers, physical inventory counts, and manufacturing order reporting.

Sales order management
Maximize your global sales through a sophisticated sales order management system that serves as the hub for your customer and pricing information. You will be able to enter orders more quickly and accurately, easily manage EDI orders as well as intense order volumes in tele-sales environments. Standing order templates, buying patterns, assortment control, and advanced global capable-to-promise ensures rapid and faultless order entry.

Manufacturing and scheduling
The manufacturing and scheduling tools in CloudSuite Food & Beverage allow you to schedule production orders to minimize downtime, convert formulas into production recipes, and effectively manage variances and yield.

Demand planning
Improve delivery performance, reduce excess finished goods inventory, and avoid product obsolescence. With automated forecasting that uses mathematical forecasting models, you can create an unlimited number of forecasting methods. In addition, planners can track all promotional activity to monitor progress and adjust forecasted demand, as required.

Quality and compliance
Ensure that the sourcing and production of food products safely meet national and international reporting and compliance requirements - including ingredient and nutritional declarations. To assist in rapid recall situations, powerful search capabilities enable you to quickly trace backwards from end products to identify potentially contaminated raw material lots, or forwards to determine the potential consequences of product issues.

Asset management
Integrate the planned maintenance with the with the production planning and execution activities. Equipment and plant maintenance can then ensure that maintenance will occur at the right time, maintaining an optimum level of production efficiency required.

Product lifecycle management
Streamline the development of new products, speeding time-to-market, improving quality, and reducing development costs. In addition, development of new products is supported by strong formulation capabilities, rolling up characteristics and cost from ingredient levels through intermediates to final products.

Transform your business

CloudSuite Food & Beverage can help open a world of opportunity for your business and make it easier and more cost-effective to take advantage of a broad range of innovative technologies, from high-value extension applications to industry driven solutions.


Has all the right ingredients to manage your complex operations, financial, and compliance requirements. This complete, yet flexible solution offers deep, proven, end-to-end capabilities for all your critical processes so you can focus on quality, growth, and profitability.

Driving forces behind the disruption

To understand why it is important to evolve and utilize modern technology to transform your business, it is helpful to discuss the business drivers facing wholesale distributors today. While many of the high-level issues may seem like the same challenges the industry has been fighting for years, the specifics have evolved - requiring you to take a fresh look at your business and core competencies in order to determine the best path for the future.

Innovation & transparency
Innovation is fundamental for the food industry as consumers are continually looking for new products to try. But today, they also have clear expectations that products are fresher and ingredient statements simpler. This requires a new level of transparency, as customers now want even more information about a product and its origin.

Quality & compliance
The constant push to innovate adds additional pressure to already complex compliance issues. New varieties, flavors, ingredients, and packaging are just some of the areas where manufacturers explore niche opportunities, with the understanding that in their market, differentiation is key to success. The resulting proliferation in SKUs, however, directly correlates with labelling complexity. A new list of items means a new list of potential errors. Compounding this, few industries must deal with regulations as complex as those of the F&B industry, including increasing environmental and sustainability initiatives that not only are tied to government regulations.

Employee optimization
The industry is struggling with a new level of employee engagement and optimization. The skill set required in the modern, automated food and beverage plant is much different than in the past. This makes defining, recruiting, and retaining employees more challenging. The industry faces additional gaps as retiring baby boomers take “tribal knowledge” with them, and Millennial workers expect consumer-like user interfaces and self-service features in their technology, and place high value on collaboration.

Margin pressures
Many manufacturers operate on very tight margins; just small changes in seasonal supply and/or pricing can undermine your business. Customers are expecting faster response times with near-flawless order fill rates. With so many products and changing demand, trying to analyze and rationalize all these products/SKUs can be a bit overwhelming, or frankly impossible to do manually.

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