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Beneficts of Novacura Flow for Infor M3

Infor M3 is a great ERP if you’re looking for something industry-specific and international. It’s a powerful system with many capabilities and to help being more flexible, that’s where Novacura Flow comes in.

Anytime your business system releases an update it puts your ERP customizations at risk, because they might not be compatible with the new version. But with Flow, you don’t have to worry about customizations affecting your processes, workflows or interfaces. That’s because Flow isn’t coded into your Infor M3 ERP: it’s an added layer of functionality on top of what you already have. Novacura Flow gives you the power to run your business the way you want to—and make Infor M3 work exactly how you want it to—without making big changes or customizations to the system.

Simplified usability
Integrating Infor M3 with Novacura Flow is easy because the whole is greater tan the sum of its parts. When you have access to the processes and data from your entire organization, all in one place, you can do almost anything: customer self-service portals, automated fault reporting, preventive maintenance, automated stock handling. Leverage the data and capabilities of all your business systems, working together, to help your business be better.

Connects to everything
ERP systems, including Infor M3, aren’t known for being user-friendly. Sure, they can do a lot of things… but only if you know exactly how to use them. We at NLS believe that powerful tools can also be easy to use. Flow does this by putting your processes—not the technology—front and center, so that you can focus on the way you want to work instead of the way you feel like you have to work.

No more wondering “what if”. With Novacura Flow, everything is possible. Create steered workflows that guide workers through critical processes—then turn those workflows into simple, user-friendly apps that your workers can use on any device, online or offline.

With Novacura Flow and Infor M3, you can

Run business apps on virtually any platform: Windows, iOS, Android, Web or Windows CE – the choice is yours.


Work mobile, in both online and offline modes. Leverage the data and capabilities of all your business systems anywhere.

Use different types of data capture, such as 1D or 2D barcodes, RFID, signatures, GPS or camera.

Integrate with your surroundings, such as machines, printers and external systems.

Create enterprise mobile apps to manage work orders, fault reports, quality assurance, human resources and more


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