Transform the Human Resources management model

Flexible Human Resources Management and easily adaptable to the needs of different organizations.

It offers functionalities and best practices so that human resources departments in a simple and integrated way, aim at the development and improvement of the human capital of companies.

Main benefits

  • Information centralized in the employee's file.
  • Orientation to the process
  • Information history by date
  • Digital document management
  • Alerts of validity of documents, expiration of contracts and others
  • Flexible salary calculation, based on configurable formulas
  • Configurable processing
  • Employee / manager portal
  • Accounting with the possibility of distribution by employee / dimensions
  • Official maps
  • Medical exams at work
  • Training / action plan
  • Performance evaluation
  • Attendance (time system)

Give your employees a unique work experience, backed by a solution that helps increase value creation.

Functional areas

  • Human Capital
  • Payment Cycle
  • Time Management
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Training Management
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • e-Learning
  • Employee Portal

Accelerate talent management. Streamline operations.

Designed to transform the Human Resources management model, process orientation, optimization of behavior management and the use of different talents, adding value to the organization.


Reduces administrative costs. Simplify operations with the automation of this solution, allowing to maximize process efficiency, streamline administrative management, ending with slow manual processes that consume time and resources, without any added value.


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