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NLS is ready to provide adaptable and comprehensive solutions that drive business results, by experts who understand the unique challenges that face your organization.




Novacura is a leading low-code development platform integrated with ERP. It helps businesses improve efficiency by providing easy-to-build and ready-to-use industry applications. It digitizes manual processes and connect existing business systems, to better support the customers.


Founded in Barcelona, Deister designs business applications and technology in the cloud. Its products are widely used by companies in different industries and are proven in mission critical environments, every day, around the world.


Through 2BR, a NLS Group company, we provide a wide range of IT solutions and services, technical infrastructures, critical business environments that guarantee high availability and continuity of services.


NLS as an implementer of business management solutions and service provider, has in its portfolio solutions developed by its team as well as other specialized solutions from other strategic partners.

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