Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management

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Infor d/EPM e ERP


Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM)

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Five ways modern analytics reduce spreadsheet risk and inefficiency

Gain unprecedented insight into your business

Measure past performance and forecast activities with modern dynamic EPM software

Take a holistic view of your business performance with Infor d/EPM. Combining modern intelligent business tools and financial performance management capabilities into one solution. d/EPM enables you to consistently report with confidence, measure past and current performance, and forecast future activities. Deep analytics and business intelligence give you a real-time view of performance across your business to speed decision making, so you can unlock siloed data and transform information into actionable insights.

Budgeting and planning
Create deep plan hierarchies, compare plans to forecasts, and adjust plans on the fly. Task management, decision packages, workflow, and versioning capabilities bring a new level of discipline and flexibility to your budgeting processes.

Financial consolidations
Consolidate multiple sets of books quickly and seamlessly from each of your legal entities, process elimination entries, and generate a single set of financial statements.

Workforce budgeting
Detail headcount requirements, model salary adjustments, account for vacancies, and assess room for increasing or decreasing staff.

Cost allocations
Bring more discipline to cost management and identify cost objects regardless of what they are - projects, products, departments, activities. Distribute costs through multi-step, multi-level allocations as part of the overall planning process.

Strategy management
Map out your strategic goals, tie them to your tactical plans, monitor progress toward your goals, and take action.

Capital planning
Assess your capital investments more accurately and determine which projects to fund with new capital planning capabilities.

Business Intelligence
Extend the core functionality of Infor d/EPM through sub plans because the solution is built on the Infor BI platform. You can add new tabs to your workbooks for detailed revenue models with different time granularity than in the core model.

Risk and compliance
Combine Infor d/EPM and Infor Risk and Compliance to get extensive tool sets that work  together to provide holistic views of data and user access across multiple business environments, so you can help promote consistent compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements.

Achieve optimal business performance

Dealing with complexity is a reality in business today. Yesterday’s strategies and practices won’t always provide a clear path for solving today’s challenges.


If your organization want to build a strong competitive advantage, Infor d/EPM can help you, by delivering greater insights you can make more informed decisions across your enterprise. When you have the agile business and financial performance management software systems you need, your business is ready to thrive.

Better insight means more informed decisions

When you get an integrated suite of applications for planning and analysis, combine it with compliance tools, and then connect it all to your underlying systems, you gain unprecedented insight into your business.

Unique capabilities
Infor d/EPM is based on an in-memory analytics platform that provides instant consolidation of data and immediate user feedback. That means you get visibility on the impact of business and financial plans and forecasts. With in-context business intelligence capabilities built in, the benefits go far beyond just easy access to data. You can better manage performance, risk, and the impact of decisions across your organization.

Infor d/EPM collects real-time data from your source applications and translates it into business insights delivered through a fully integrated solution suite with a common user interface. Each time a change is made, from modifying an order to changing an inventory status, information is updated automatically. And that means you get a single version of the truth from a suite that is pre-built to take advantage of innovative technologies like mobility and in-memory computing.

A stunning user experience
Give your team access to business and financial performance data anytime, anywhere, and empower your staff to make better decisions. With Infor d/EPM, you can provide one central source of truth and a seamless connection between your transaction systems and your business intelligence - all with an engaging, innovative user experience.

Decisions in context
Make decisions in the context of your business plans collaboratively across teams, rather than manually referencing reports in siloes.

Predictive analytics
Plan your business using predictive analytics and powerful forecasting capabilities to drive strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

Insights on the go
Give users on the go insight into your business, regardless of where they are - visiting with customers, working on the manufacturing floor, or exploring suppliers at a trade show.

Pre-packaged content
Implement planning tools with pre-packaged content designed especially for your industry and the roles that drive your business.

Better investment decisions
Understand the impact of your plans before developing budgets to drive better investment decisions across your business.

Single source of truth
Have a single source of truth for all your business insights to better align strategy and execution.

Built-in collaboration
Use collaboration in the budgeting process to aggregate functional plans so you can optimize your resources across both function and program.

Proactive monitoring
Combine performance and compliance solutions to proactively and automatically monitor your systems for breaches of security, segregation of duties violations, or fraud - dramatically mitigating risk and helping teams comply with regulations.

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