Infor OS

Built for continuous evolution

A cloud operating platform for the future of work

Businesses are growing, industries are evolving, and workforces are shifting. What's next? Prepare for the future with Infor OS, an operating service designed to serve as the foundation for digital transformation in whatever form it may take.

Infor OS is delivers technology that goes beyond enabling business - to driving it, putting the user at the center of every experience and serving as a unifying foundation for an organization's entire ecosystem. The result is a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs stakeholders in everything they do.

The digital gateway for innovation

Infor OS is a cloud operating platform that seamlessly connects services to provide a robust integration framework and serve as the foundation of an entire business ecosystem. Infor OS brings business processes and artificial intelligence (AI) together to enable rapid application development and a common data strategy - all built using service-design principles in a unified experience that allows customers to be flexible and agile in the cloud. Infor’s core strategy is rooted in Infor OS - a platform designed for creating competitive advantages through innovation.

    Enhanced enterprise experience

  • Centralizes applications
  • Single sign-on
  • Focuses tasks
  • On-the-fly personalization
  • Provides contextual benefits

    Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Transforms complex AI initiatives
  • Provides actionable insight
  • Explores ML, NLP, and intelligent automation
  • Step-by-step modeling and testing
  • Enables entire enterprise ecosystem analysis

    Seamless integration

  • Easy integration of Infor and third-party software
  • Supports cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments
  • Eliminates information silos
  • Enables secure, durable connections
  • Connects previously disconnected processes

    Extensibility/app development

  • Promotes rapid development
  • Reduces modifications
  • Minimizes coding to create desired user experiences
  • Inspires innovation
  • Self-service tools for designing, building, and sharing

    Big data execution

  • Provides an infinitely scalable architecture
  • Supports data governance and security
  • Offers data acquisition connectors and APIs
  • Includes end-to-end data history and lineage
  • Enables faster querying through optimized data preprocessing

The foundation for your entire enterprise

A modern foundation for driving transformation and progress in enterprises across every industry.


Infor OS serves as the foundation for your entire enterprise ecosystem, providing seamless integration between systems, a unified user experience across all applications, and organization-wide visibility into the real-time information you need to drive your business.

Be ready - for today, tomorrow, and whatever comes next

Infor OS is technology that powers your entire enterprise, bringing together collaboration, artificial intelligence, analytics, integration, mobility, and document management in a single platform. Providing a unified experience across Infor’s products, it makes enterprise systems - both Infor and non-Infor - work seamlessly together.

The foundation of Infor’s broad, deep, and industry-focused solution portfolio, Infor OS delivers the flexibility and innovation you need to take advantage of opportunities today and be ready for whatever might come next.

Get an intelligent portal to your application suite with Infor OS, which establishes a common workflow and organizes conversations into enterprise-wide streams where employees can collaborate in real time. By marrying business processes to employee communications, Infor OS allows you to contextualize intelligence, make single sign-on a reality, and increase efficiency.

Rapidly develop robust enterprise capabilities based on your needs with the extensibility capabilities of Infor OS. Whether you need an intuitive consumer-grade web interface or a high-productivity form, Infor OS can help create the right experience with minimal coding, via desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Process integration
Easily integrate both Infor and third-party software applications with Infor OS’s purpose-built middleware solution. By providing a simple but powerful and scalable framework, Infor OS allows you to eliminate operational silos, improve exception management, and achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency.

Business Intelligence
Get pertinent, pre-built industry analytics content that works across enterprise systems and makes pivotal information easily accessible and actionable. Infor OS leverages cloud-native BI, analytics, and data visualization capabilities that draw on data from across your enterprise, providing a broad choice of modern, machine learning-infused, self-service analytics interfaces.

Artificial intelligence
The artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of Infor OS are designed to maximize human potential by reducing the burden of repetitive administrative tasks and giving employees more time to do work that matters. Accessible via voice or chat, the platform’s AI automates processes and delivers insights both on-demand and proactively based on continual analysis and machine learning.

Easy access to real-time data from across your enterprise systems becomes a reality with Infor OS. All your data sources are wired together, with information from various sources aggregated into a data lake that makes analytics accessible across your organization. Fast, reliable, and refreshable at the click of a mouse or tap of the screen, your data is visualized in real-time, giving users the ability to make better decisions faster.

Cloud and industry CloudSuites
Infor OS’s cloud-based delivery makes systems flexible, cost-effective, and forever modern. Serving as the foundation for Infor CloudSuite industry suites, which provide the last-mile functionality organizations need without costly and limiting customizations, Infor OS gives you a technology platform capable of handling today, tomorrow, and whatever comes next.

Turning barriers
into opportunities.